Volume 6

August 2016, Volume 6, Number 4

A Review of Memory Allocation and Management in Computer SystemsFull Text

Ahmed Faraz, Bahria University, Pakistan

Vehicle Recognition Using VIBE and SVMFull Text

Jinlin Liu, Qiang Chen and Chen Zhang, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China

June 2016, Volume 6, Number 2/3

Chaotic ANT System Optimization for Path Planning of the Mobile RobotsFull Text

Xu Mingle and You Xiaoming, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China

February 2016, Volume 6, Number 1

Image Segmentation By Using Thresholding Techniques For Medical ImagesFull Text

Senthilkumaran N and Vaithegi S, Gandhigram Rural University, India

Traffic-Sign Recognition For An Intelligent Vehicle/Driver Assistant System Using HOGFull Text

Karthiga.PL, S.Md.Mansoor Roomi, Kowsalya.J, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, TCE, India

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