Volume 2

December 2012, Volume 2, Number 6

Reconfiguration Strategies for Online Hardware Multitasking in Embedded SystemsFull Text

Marcos Sanchez-Elez and Sara Roman, Universidad Complutense, Spain

Recommendation System for Information Services Adapted, Over Terrestrial Digital TelevisionFull Text

Mery Y. Uribe Rios and Rafael V. Paez, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

Failure Recovery Using RSWF Algorithm For Advanced Reservation in Optical GridFull Text

MaheshA:Khandke; GaneshM:Kadam, AnirudhK:Mangore and Gharda Institute of Technology, India

Performance Comparison of PCA,DWT-PCA And LWT-PCA for Face Image RetrievalFull Text

J.Madhavan1 and K.Porkumaran2, 1Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, India and 2Dr. NGP college of Engineering and
Technology, India

WCVALEACH: Weight and Coverage Based Energy Efficient Advanced Leach AlgorithmFull Text

Ankit Thakkar and K Kotecha, Nirma University,India

An Efficient Multiprocessor Memory Management Framework Using Multi-AgentsFull Text

K.R.Sarath Chandran, Aiswarya S., Kavitha R and Suganthi Krishnavathi T, SSN College Of Engineering,India

October 2012, Volume 2, Number 5

A Complexity Based Regression Test Selection StrategyFull Text

Bouchaib Falah1, Kenneth Magel2, and Omar El Ariss3, 1Al Akhawayn University, Morocco, 2North Dakota State University, USA and 3Pennsylvania State University,USA

Use of Neuronal Networks and Fuzzy Logic to Modelling the Foot SizesFull Text

Khawla Ben Abderrahim, University of Gabes, Tunisia

Solving Transportation Problems Using the Best Candidates MethodFull Text

Abdallah A. Hlayel and Mohammad A. Alia, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Jordan

Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Using Class-Based Elitist ApproachFull Text

P. Maragathavalli and S. Kanmani, Pondicherry Engineering College, India

August 2012, Volume 2, Number 4

Analysis and Proposing a Robust Source Features for Automatic Text-Independent Speaker Indexing System Full Text

V.Subba Ramaiah and R.Rajeswara Rao, MGIT-Hyderabad, India

Reliability Improvement with PSP of Web-Based Software ApplicationsFull Text

Leticia Davila-Nicanor and Pedro Mejia-Alvarez, CINVESTAV-IPN. Seccion de Computacion, India

HMM Classifier for Human Activity RecognitionFull Text

MS. Kanchan Gaikwad1 and Vaibhav Narawade2, 1MGM College of Engineering, India and 2PVPPSCOE, India

The Combined Approach for Anomaly Detection Using Neural Networks and Clustering TechniquesFull Text

A.S. Aneetha and S. Bose, Anna University, India

June 2012, Volume 2, Number 3

A Composite Model that Overwhelms Outliers to Anticipate the Stages in Renal DisorderFull Text

Raju R, Kayalvizhi Devakumaran, Aishwarya Balasubramanian and Gayathiri Balan, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, India

Nugget Discovery with a Multi-Objective Cultural AlgorithmFull Text

Sujatha Srinivasan and Sivakumar Ramakrishnan, AVVM Sri Pushpam College,India

A Framework for Database Forensic AnalysisFull Text

Harmeet Kaur Khanuja and D.S.Adane, Pune University,India/span>

Maize Expert SystemFull Text

Praveen Kumar G, Ramesh Babu K and Ganesh Kumar M, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad, India

Improved & Extended-RBAC (Jv-RBAC) Model with X.509 AuthenticationFull Text

Jyoti Joshi and Kunwar Singh Vaisla, BT Kumaon Institute of Technology, India

Active Controller Design for the Output Regulation of Sprott-K Chaotic SystemFull Text

Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University, India

Speed Optimization in Unplanned Traffic Using Bio-Inspired Computing and Population Knowledge Base Full Text

Prasun Ghosal1, Arijit Chakraborty2, Sabyasachee Banerjee2 and Satabdi Barman2, 1Bengal Engineering and Science University, India and 2Heritage Institute of Technology, India

Performance Analysis of AODV Using HTTP Traffic Under Black Hole Attackin MANETFull Text

Ekta Barkhodia, Parulpreet Singh and Gurleen Kaur Walia, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, India

Revised Slide Window First Algorithm for Advanced Reservation in Optical GridFull Text

Santosh M.Sabale1, Girish V.Chowdhary1 and 2Mahesh A.Khandke, 1Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Tech. University, India and 2Gharda Institute of Technology, India

Designand Analysis of Digital Wave Generator using CORDIC Algorithm with Pipelining and Angle Recoding TechniqueFull Text

Navdeep Prashar, Amandeep Singh and Balwinder Singh, CDAC - Mohali, India

April 2012, Volume 2, Number 2

Automated Detection of White Matter Lesions in MRI Brain Images Using Spatiofuzzy and Spatio-Possibilistic Clustering ModelsFull Text

M.Anitha1, P.Tamije Selvy1 and V.Palanisamy2, 1Sri Krishna College of Technology, India, 2Info Institute of Engineering, India

Active Control Design for the Hybrid Synchronization of Arneodo and Rossler Chaotic SystemsFull Text

Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan and Suresh Rasappan, Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University, India

Hand Posture Recognition for Complex Decision MakingFull Text

Ayesha Butalia, Swapnil Patil, Manjiri Bangali, Bhushan Dusane, Tejswini Chaure and Maya Ingale, MIT College of Engineering - Pune, India

Establishment of Secure Communication in Wireless Sensor NetworksFull Text

T P Rani1 and C Jaya Kumar2, 1Anna University of Technology,India, 2R.M.K Engineering College, India

February 2012, Volume 2, Number 1

An Optimal Algorithm for Conflict-Free Coloring for Tree of Rings Full Text

Einollah Pira, The Business Training Center of Tabriz, Iran

Thermal Analysis & Optimization of A 3 Dimensional Heterogeneous StructureFull Text

Ramya Menon C.1 and Vinod Pangracious2, 1Sahrdaya College of Engineering & Technology, India and 2University of Pierre and Marie Curie, France

A Neuro Fuzzy Expert System for Heart Disease DiagnosisFull Text

E.P.Ephzibah1 and V. Sundarapandian2, 1VIT University, India and 2Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University, India

Learning CFG using Improved TBL algorithmFull Text

Nisha Bhalse and Vivek Gupta, IPSA, India

Analysis of Contention Based Method for MAC Layer in Wireless NetworksFull Text

V.R.Azhaguramyaa and S.J.K. Jagadeesh Kumar, Sri Krishna College of Technology, India

From Reconstruction Conjecture Towards a LEMMAFull Text

Subhashis Banerjee1, Debajit Sensarma1, Krishnendu Basuli1, Saptarshi Naskar2 and Samar Sen Sarma3, 1West Bengal State University, India, 2Sarsuna College, India and 3University Of Calcutta, India

Automatic Assessment of Programming assignmentFull Text

Surendra Gupta and Shiv Kumar Dubey, Shri G. S. Institute of Technology & Science, India

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